Our team

The most important element in our success is our team. Our core design, development and support staff has over 15 years experience with Systemik.

Ian McCrabb


Ian co-founded Systemik in 1994 with Marjorie Li.

Ian has worked in IT consulting since the '80s, in both the public and private sectors. His broad experience and deep understanding of the market drives our business strategies.

Ian has led our business development and consulting services over the last 19 years, mapping our consulting and services models to rapidly evolving content management and publishing platforms.

Superpower: Delegation

Marjorie Li


Marjorie co-founded Systemik in 1994 with Ian McCrabb.

With a background ranging from IT development to finance, Marjorie is the visionary behind Systemik's technical solutions, oversees our operations and assures delivery on projects.

Marjorie drives our ability to respond to client needs in a cost-effective way.

Superpower: Invoicing

Kate Andrews

Principal Consultant

Kate has worked with Systemik for over 15 years, 11 of those as Principal Consultant. Over that time, she has led all major client projects for Systemik in both the corporate and government sectors. Kate's background as a programmer and technical writer informs her expertise in taxonomy and information architecture design, and gives her a unique perspective on the links between technology and content when managing projects.

Kate has managed writing projects of up to 17,000 pages, and several multi-site content migrations. She has also led information design projects ranging from accessible publishing solutions to large-scale content architectures.

Superpower: Opinions

Michael Dang

Lead Web Publisher/Technical Developer

Michael has been working with Systemik Solutions for 18 years. Over that time, he has been lead web publisher for all Systemik accessibility conversion projects in the government sector, and on several major content migration projects across a range of platforms.

Michael is highly regarded by all our clients for his broad technical knowledge, developed over 20 years in a rapidly-evolving environment, as well as his focus and dedication to the task at hand. His VBA and .NET developments underpin our technology solutions in the accessibility area.

Superpower: Patience

Christine Yao

Senior Web Publisher/Editor

Across 16 years with Systemik, Christine has taken a senior web publisher role in all our major content migration and accessibility conversion projects. Her long experience working with our finance and manufacturing sector clients means she is at ease in a dynamic, time-critical project environment.

Superpower: Accessorising

Josh Blackman

Senior Web Editor/Publisher

Josh has been working with Systemik for 3 years, focusing on our accessibility conversion projects. His background ranges from astrophysics to the arts, giving him the perfect technical writing skill set. This is shown in Josh's ability to summarise complex content in a way that is both clear and technically correct – one of the key aspects of our accessibility conversion.

Josh oversees a number of our ongoing relationships with corporate clients, managing content development projects as well as day-to-day maintenance.

Superpower: Tango (Argentinian)

Yang Li

Technical Developer

In his 4 years with Systemik, Yang has been technical developer on a number of major government sector migration and accessibility projects, as well as with our financial sector clients. He has also worked as senior publisher for several bureau conversion projects.

Yang's is an accomplished developer cross a wide range of web technologies, with a particular focus on Open Source. Yang drives our migration technology solutions.

Superpower: Can fly


In addition to our core staff of principal information design consultants and project managers, we also have a group of contractors with specialist expertise in the design and development of online content solutions. We supply contractors with experience in the following roles:

  • Information architects
  • Business analysts
  • Web content writers
  • Web content editors
  • Web content migrators/publishers.