PerformX® Content Workbench

Moving to govCMS

PerformX® Content Workbench automates the migration of your site to govCMS.  We have rolled up our conventional content mapping and migration services as an online platform opening up paradigm shifting process improvements and a disruptive cost model.

Analysis, Mapping, Provisioning and Migration

The process has four main phases:

  • Analysis - Your site is crawled and analysed to return all the resources that will be mapped and migrated
  • Mapping - Source pages are mapped to your new IA, content types assigned, and rules specified for content and metadata transformation.
  • Provisioning - A new govCMS white site is provisioned on our AW server with your own badging.
  • Migration - Placeholders for pages are created, links transformed, files, content, metadata, and menu structure migrated.

Within minutes you can have a new site ready for deployment.

For an online demonstration please contact.
Ian McCrabb
02 92337588