Systemik develops free plugin technologies to address generic capability gaps in open source CMS and SharePoint platforms.

  • PerformX OpenAccess
    An open source plugin for CKEditor that provides tools for accessibility and content standards.
  • PerformX OpenTags
    A plugin for open source and SharePoint environments that provides streamlined tagging and a standard AGLS metadata configuration.
  • PerformX DocAccess
    A SharePoint web part that simplifies browsing and searching a large document repository.

Systemik's migration and accessibility technologies are a feature of our unique approach to content conversion and migration. Our in-house technologies include content migration and accessibility conversion tools, detailed below.

Content migration tools

Systemik has specialised in large scale content migration projects for over a decade.

Most organisations take the opportunity to optimise their information architecture when upgrading their CMS, and these projects inevitably involve consulting services to map source content to the new IA and finesse the metadata implementation. The great bulk of content transformation can, however, be automated. We have developed a number of PHP and .NET software tools to:

  • Export and extract content and metadata from the current CMS
  • Convert content to comply with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards (see Accessibility conversion)
  • Import content and metadata into new CMS

We are comfortable working with any content management platform. Most recent migration projects have involved moving content to or from SharePoint or open source environments such as Drupal (govCMS) or WordPress.

Accessibility conversion tools

We use our library of VBA and .NET code to convert your documents to accessible alternatives in an efficient and cost-effective way.

For conversion to accessible HTML, we use HTML Transit. HTML Transit provides a powerful and flexible solution to generate HTML, XML, or ASPX from long Word documents. We configure Transit templates to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements and your specific standards.

We use our own Accessibility Workbench to manage the conversion workflow.