The following are summaries of some of Systemik's recent projects, an indication of our capacity and flexibility across a wide range of requirements.

Content migration projects

Site migration with rewrite and restructure

This project, with a Federal Government department, required us to migrate content from a number of existing sites to govCMS.

In this project, we partnered with a Drupal integration group, who developed the site theming and build as well as implemented a number of custom devleopments.

Team: Two Content Migrators, one Project Manager.

Scope: 2400 files. 800 pages of content for rewrite.

Timeframe: 3 months

Environment: Migrating to govCMS from a variety of sources.

Multi-site migration with rewrite and restructure

This project, with a Federal Government department, required us to migrate content from four static HTML sites, and one ASP.NET site, to a like-for-like implementation in SharePoint.

For a sixth site, we rewrote source content to a specified information architecture. Our writer worked in Word (for ease of stakeholder review) and then we migrated content into SharePoint.

In this project, we partnered with a SharePoint integration group, who developed and implemented the SharePoint templates.

Team: Three Content Migrators, one Project Manager.

Scope: 3,360 files across five sites for migration. 116 pages of content for rewrite.

Timeframe: 3.5 months

Environment: Migrating to SharePoint 2010 from a variety of sources.

Large-volume migration with rewrite and restructure

This project saw us working with a Federal Government department over a multi-phase project that involved a total rewrite of customer-focused content and migration into a new architecture.

The initial phase of the project involved a rewrite of a small subset of the content over two months. This was a proof-of-concept to ease stakeholder concerns about using external content writers. The success of this approach led to a much larger project over the subsequent year to rewrite the remaining site content and migrate it into SharePoint.

The SharePoint solution was developed within the Department, and used a complex implementation for reusable content. This required our team to track and manage discrete blocks of text, a task that was particularly complex during stakeholder review.

Our migration was semi-automated. We used our own migration technologies to generate HTML from the drafted content in Microsoft Word, and then transferred that code into SharePoint.

Throughout the project, we liaised closely with the Department's web services, technology implementation, and project teams, providing key consulting in the areas of metadata, accessibility and information architecture.

Team: Nine Content Writers, one Content Editor, two Content Migrators, one Team Leader, one Project Manager

Scope: ~5000 pages for rewrite and migration

Timeframe: 15 months

Environment: MySource Matrix to SharePoint 2010

Small-scale migration with rewrite and restructure

For this project, we were engaged to rewrite all the program landing pages for a Federal Government department. The content source was available on their customer-facing website, but ranged from one paragraph to dozens of pages per program. With a structural specification from the communications area, but no input from the subject matter experts, our Content Writers were able to develop consistent content for the Department's 150 programs.

Our Content Migrators then migrated the content (with metadata and related attachments) into an evolving Drupal environment.

Team: 2 Content Writers, 2 Content Migrators, 1 Project Manager

Scope: 150 pages for rewrite and migration

Timeframe: Eight weeks

Environment: Drupal

Machinery of Government Change Migration

As a result of a MoG change, content for 27 programs needed to be moved from one Federal Government department to another. Both departments were SharePoint 2007 environments, but their structural and metadata requirements were different.

We developed a migration map to specify the location of the source content in the new environment and specify metadata for each file.

Team: Two Content Migrators, one Project Manager

Scope: 782 files for migration

Timeframe: Six weeks

Environment: Migration from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2007

Content accessibility projects

Bureau accessibility conversion

An ongoing relationship with this Federal Government department sees us converting documents on an ongoing ad-hoc basis. These documents come from a range of sources and formats and are of varying size and urgency.

Team: Accessibility Converters, Caption Writers and Project Manager as required to fit the timeframes.

Scope: Ranging from small brochures with complex layout to reports of several hundred pages with multiple tables and images.

Timeframe: Depending on the client's priorities.

Bulk accessibility conversion

We have completed a number of bulk accessibility conversion projects for this Federal Government department. The largest of these included 289 PDF files. Files up to 20 A4 pages in size were converted to accessible HTML; larger files were converted to an RTF as an accessible alternative format.

Team: Three Content Converters, two Caption Writers, one Project Manager

Scope: 9,991 A4 pages – 8,998 for conversion to RTF, 993 for conversion to HTML

Timeframe: Three months