Systemik Content Services

Systemik specialises in two main content service areas: site migration and accessibility conversion.


Systemik is the only govCMS partner that specialises exclusively in site content. Our govCMS services are focused on the integrity and accessibility of your content.

Site migration

Systemik has provided content redesign, rewrite and migration services to the Federal Government sector for over a decade. We have recently assisted a number of major departments with:

  • redesign and rewrite of their web content to best practice accessibility, usability and plain English standards
  • migration of their content to a new CMS

The result is user-focused content that facilitates self-service.

Our site migration projects generally involve one or more of the following phases:

  • Redesign structure
    If you are changing the structure of your site, then we can resolve the site information architecture into a migration map and assesses the status of the content and identify areas that need to be rewritten.
  • Rewrite content
    If some rewrite is required, we can supply experienced writers and specialist editors to develop content in line with your standards, accessibility requirements and the migration map.
  • Migrate content
    We migrate existing content to your new site to exacting standards and a tight timeframe.

Accessibility conversion

Systemik provides a comprehensive set of services to address the accessibility of reports and other long documents on your website. 

The first step in dealing with accessibility is to work out the size of the problem. Systemik provides a consulting service to audit your existing documents (PDF, RTF and DOC) and determine your level of compliance with Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0.

Systemik works as a bureau conversion partner to a wide range of Federal Government departments and agencies, converting existing files (PDF, DOC or any format) to accessible alternatives (HTML, PDF, RTF, DOC or DOCX).

  • Accessibility conversion
    We can audit your documents for accessibility, and convert them to alternative formats to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.0.


For detailed rate card and costs metrics contact
 Ian McCrabb
 02 92337588