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govCMS is the whole-of-government content management and website hosting service for Australian Government agencies. It enables you to create modern, affordable, and responsive websites to connect with users.

Systemik is an accredited Acquia govCMS partner specializing in site content.  We team with Drupal development partners to deliver a complete, managed govCMS site migration service.

govCMS services

Systemik have provided content migration services to the Federal Government sector for over a decade.  We have assisted a large number of major departments with the redesign and rewrite of their web content to best practice accessibility, usability and plain English standards, and the migration of their content to a new CMS.
Systemik's specialist skills range of content services, and management processes ensure that the content on your govCMS site meets your quality standards.  Site migration projects generally involve one or more of the following phases:

  • Content mapping
  • Content editing and rewrite
  • Content migration
  • Accessibility conversion
  • Metadata design and implementation.

Content mapping

Whether your site structure is getting a minor tweak or a radical redesign as you move to govCMS, Systemik can resolve your old and new site information architectures into a migration map and assess the status of your content.  The mapping process identifies gaps, duplication and obsolescence and highlights areas that need to be restructured or rewritten for the new information architecture. Mapping also involves the design of a metadata implementation that leverages your existing tagging investment into best-practice standards for govCMS.

Content editing and rewrite

A move to govCMS gives you an ideal opportunity to improve your content. Systemik has an experienced team of consultants who specialise in the writing and editing of plain-English content for the government sector; making sure that it is consistent, avoids duplication, and is appropriate for your audience.
Content is developed in line with best-practice usability, your internal standards, accessibility requirements and the migration map. Our consultants work closely with your stakeholders to write content, concentrating on stakeholder engagement, consultation with subject matter experts and user focus and accessibility standards.

Content migration

Even if you are ‘lifting and shifting’ your existing site, the migration of content to your new govCMS site is a complex process requiring detailed management. In most cases the key business drivers in content migration are exacting standards and tight timeframes.  Systemik's approach focuses on the integrity of your content - including metadata - and ensures a smooth transition to a new environment.

We have developed a suite of tools to assist in the content extraction, content cleansing and upload to your new site. So, while the key to Systemik's services is detailed consulting, hands on mapping, editing and quality assurance, we use automated processes where possible.

Content accessibility

The govCMS distribution itself is WCAG AA compliant. However, this doesn't guarantee that the content you add to it is accessible. We can help you ensure the accessibility of your content by:

  • making your page content accessible during migration
  • auditing the accessibility of your attached documents
  • converting your attached documents to accessible versions.

Metadata design and implementation

Tagging your content with the right metadata improves the usability of your website and ensures AGLS compliance. Our consultants will help you to understand the requirements and will:

  • Develop a compliant taxonomy that suits your content and site design
  • Map and apply terms to your content.