Site Migration

Systemik has acted as content migration partner for a wide range of Federal Government Departments over the last 10 years in their implementation of content management systems.  Once the CMS, templates and site architecture are in place the major task is the migration of existing content to the new site.  We have assisted major departments with a fully managed service to undertake:

  • content redesign
  • content rewrite
  • content migration

Redesign Structure

If you are changing the structure of your site, then we can resolve the site information architecture into a migration map and assess the status of the content and identify areas that need to be rewritten.

This phase resolves the site information architecture into a rewrite map and assesses the volume and status of content to be redeveloped. An object-oriented approach to mapping your existing content maximises reuse and identifies gaps, duplication and obsolescence. The outcomes are:

  • Detailed migration map
  • Project plan with costs and schedule

After redesign, the next phase is either to rewrite content to updated standards and to fill any gaps identified, or to progress with migration of the content according to the migration map.  more…

Rewrite Content

Systemik supplies accomplished policy and procedure writers and specialist editors to develop content in line with best-practice usability, your internal standards, accessibility requirements and the migration map. Our consultants work closely with your stakeholders to write content, concentrating on:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Consultation with subject matter experts
  • User focus and accessibility standards

The experience and technical skills of our team mean that we can undertake this rewrite phase before or after migrating content.  more…

Migrate content

Once the CMS and site architecture are in place, the missing piece remains the migration of existing content to your new site. In most cases the key business drivers in content migration are exacting standards and tight timeframe. Systemik assists by:

  • converting content to CMS templates
  • publishing and staging
  • handover for maintenance.

We are equally comfortable working with any CMS. Most recent projects have been in SharePoint or Open Source environments (Drupal or WordPress)  more…


For detailed rate card and costs metrics contact
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