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PerformX OpenAccess is an editor plugin for open source and SharePoint environments that provides:

OpenAccess is available in two default configurations:

  • OpenAccess for Websites
    • Includes a set of default content templates for policies, programs, consultations, and grants
    • Is available for open source environments (as an plugin for CKEditor) and SharePoint environments (as a plugin for SharePoint’s Rich Text Editor)
  • OpenAccess for Intranets
    • Includes a set of default content templates that align with Government best practice guidelines for intranet information architecture, including policies, procedures, project and programs, job positions, and staff profiles
    • Is available as a plugin for SharePoint’s Rich Text Editor

For both configurations, you can customise and configure new editor content templates and tables without the need to engage developers.

The OpenAccess plugin adds three buttons to your editor toolbar:

Editor content templates

This button gives you access to a customisable set of standard editor content templates to help your content editors write and maintain in a way that complies with structural, language, and accessibility standards. Content editors can preview the available templates before selecting the one that suits their requirements. Benefits include:

  • Allows organisations to set their web page content standards
  • Reduces authoring time as structure is automated – web content authors and editors only need to 'fill in the blanks'
  • Allows expert staff to easily contribute content without writing experience or expertise, or HTML knowledge
  • Increased standardisation and consistency.

The following screen fragment gives an indication of the approach.

Table library

A customisable library of clearly structured, accessible tables, including:

  • Basic 2–6 column tables
  • Step tables for procedures and work instructions
  • Glossary tables for defining terms and acronyms
  • Description tables for explaining online and paper form fields
  • Condition tables for cause and effect.

Page accessibility checker

While site-wide validation can check the accessibility of your page templates, editor content within the page is constantly changing. This button checks the accessibility of editor content in the page with a single click. This helps your content editors to take ownership of accessibility issues, and ensures that your site accessibility doesn't drift as pages are constantly maintained.

Our checker lets you know if you've missed any of the following in your content:

  • Alternative text for images
  • Titles and summaries for tables
  • Correct nesting of heading levels
  • Correct tags for bold and italics.


Licensed under the GPLv2 license.