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PerformX OpenTags is a plugin for open source and SharePoint environments that provides:

Streamlined tagging tool

OpenTags empowers your content creators to easily and intuitively specify metadata tags when creating or updating content.   OpenTags supports: 

  • site default values
  • display of valid terms from controlled vocabularies
  • browse and select multiple tags from simple or heirarchical lists

For terms that use a huge list of values such as TAGS subject vocabulary, OpenTags autocomplete and hierarchical browse functionality (shown below) make selecting the appropriate tag easy.

screen dump showing multi-level browse of subject terms


AGLS metadata and vocabularies

OpenTags is pre-configured to satisfy the AGLS requirements for Government websites – aimed at facilitating AGLS compliance across departments and agencies. It includes:

  • fields for all AGLS mandatory and required fields
  • a built in subject vocabulary with all the preferred terms from the Thesaurus of Australian Government Subjects (TAGS) vocabulary, organised hierarchically.

You can customise OpenTags to comply with any metadata requirements. Configure it to your organisational specifications, or to correspond to a different external standard (for example, the Australian Government Recordkeeping Metadata Standard).  Vocabularies are stored in the CMS metadata repository; in the Taxonomy module on Drupal and in Managed Metadata on SharePoint.