Systemik Solutions is an innovative platform development and content consulting group.

We build ‘big content’ platforms for the public sector and open-source digital humanities platforms with academia.
Our forte is the realisation of immersive, engaging research and consulting experiences.


Machine learning through cognitive services enables the discovery of themes and sentiment from ‘big content’ repositories. Codifynd integrates these technologies with data visualisation in a radically innovative interface to support knowledge workers in the immediate acquisition of insights: a new capability to build organisational knowledge.


Heurist is a comprehensive database environment, developed at the University of Sydney, which enables researchers, without programming, to manage complex Humanities datasets through design, import, explore and publish workflows. Richly featured, flexible and iterative at its essence, Heurist supports scalable humanities research, visualization and publishing.

IA Workbench

Intelligent Archive (IA) Workbench is a platform for computational and statistical analysis of style in texts, developed by the University of Newcastle. IA Workbench enables you to easily organise large collections of texts into sets, manage metadata, generate word and n-gram frequencies, handle XML tags, and generate results that can be exported for analysis and for visualisation.

PerformX Content Workbench

PerformX® Content Workbench automates the migration of large-scale existing sites to the Drupal CMS platform. Conventional content mapping and migration are transformed with paradigm-shifting process improvements and a disruptive cost model. It includes specialized modules for migration to GovCMS and for rendition in Codifynd.

PerformX Accessibility Workbench

PerformX® Accessibility Workbench provides a self-service portal for managing the conversion of existing pdf, doc or html files to WCAG 2 accessibility standards. PerformX® Accessibility Workbench supports the management and tracking of an end-to-end estimation, conversion, augmentation and compliance verification service for individual files or batch conversion.

READ Workbench

READ Workbench supports the integration and management of researchers, resources, tools and processes in the collaborative development of manuscript and inscription corpora. Workbench delivers open source READ philological research capability, configured for individual projects, as SaaS. Workbench provides a scalable implementation framework for institutional collaboration.

We partner with specialist digital agencies to deliver transformative content solutions that operate at scale.

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